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Jasper Dragon Necklace


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Jasper Dragon Necklace   This necklace includes:
* Carved jasper centerpiece
* Jasper shapes
* Heishi, jet, etc.
* Sterling findings

Length:  18.75"
Length of carving and fringe:  7.5"
Jasper dragon:  2.375" x 1.25"
Weight:  2.7 oz.

  Item #23     Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
Fringed pieces are such fun to wear! They take a really long time to make though. Notice how there is a nice design in this fringe. You'd think you could make that easily by counting beads. Not so when you use heishi! heishi consists of tiny (1.5mm in this case) rounds of shell (here I've used baby olive heishi). Each piece has a different thickness. When you look at the photo, it looks like there is a bright bead and a dark bead in the fringe. However, the dark beads are really 2-4 pieces of heishi, selected so each segment has approximately the same length. The color of heishi varies softly, and its dull finish contrasts beautifully with the bright beads. See it worn here and here.

You might also suppose that the little black tubes near the round jasper beads at the bottom are bugle beads. Nope. They are tiny tubes of jet. Jet has a soft luster completely unlike glass. Likewise the tiny jasper-colored tubes are in fact jasper. Making stone beads this small is difficult and wasteful, thus these tiny beads are often more costly than larger ones. They are so beautiful though, who could resist them?

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