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Jaguar Tassel   This tassel includes:
*Octaviano tagua nut jaguar
*4,000 year old greenstone pendant
* Africa John 'friz friz' form
*Trade beads, stone beads
*Rainbow mussel, pearls
*Rudraksha prayer beads, horn, bauxite
*Guatemalan amber
  Item #198                       Private Collection
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This amazing jaguar was carved by the Wounaan Indian carver Octaviano. It is hard to imagine how beautiful, perfect and alive this carving is until you hold it in your hand. The carving is so fine, I wanted to make something spectacular with it. I enhanced the jaguar's tree with gourd-stitched trunk, branches and leaves, and added a collection of objects which complement the colors in the carving. I've always loved beaded tassels, and recently decorative pieces like this have allowed me to escape the wearable size limit!

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