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Dichroic Glass Necklace


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Dichroic Glass Necklace   The necklace and earrings include:
*Dichroic glass beads
*Glass beads
  Item #127                       Lost in Fire
As I understand it, dichroic glass was developed for the moon landing. It consists of molecule-thick layers of metallic compounds deposited on glass in a high vacuum. By alternating layers of different metallic oxides, the most fabulous colors develop. Unfortunately, the glass is so outrageous it is pretty hard to use in jewelry. The dichroic coating can also burn off readily in the torch. I made these beads by slumping a sandwich of black, dichro mosaic (made of discarded chips) and clear glass. After I ground off all my fingernails polishing them, I was determined to use them. The necklace is kinda fun, and works well with bright silk blouses.

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