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Chinese Fish Necklace


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Chinese Fish Necklace   This necklace includes:
* Hand-carved ironwood fish letter opener
* Turquoise
* Timor carved deer horn (closure)
* Bone fish whistle (toggle)
* horn, shell, wood, biri

Length:  36.5" (93 cm)
Ironwood fish:  7.5" x 1.125" (19 cm x 2.9 cm)
Counterweight:  8",  2.4 oz (20 cm, 72 gm)
Total weight:  12.1 oz (363 gm)

  Item #167                    Lost in Fire
Photo courtesy of Robert K. Liu/Ornament
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This dramatic 5-strand necklace was designed around a wonderful hand-carved ironwood fish letter opener from China. The beads are mostly of wood, horn and bone, so it doesn't seem heavy. A long tassel serves as a counterweight and makes this large volume of beads very comfortable to wear. This is a large and dramatic piece!

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