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Chinese Clip Pin   This pin features:
* Old Chinese Clip
* Aventurine shapes
* Old aluminium beads
* Biwas

Length:  6.5" (16 cm)
Chinese Pin:  1.5" x 1.375" (4 cm x 3 cm)
Weight:  1.3 oz. (39 gm)

  Item #98               Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This was an old clip pin, perhaps of vermeil with what appear to be aventurine, coral and lapis cabs. The person who sold the clip to me thought it might have been used on a shoe, but that seems a bit unlikely to me. You never know what you're getting when you purchase old pieces like this, all I know is that it is beautiful. The clip was quite weak, so I replaced it with a regular pin back. I surrounded it with old aluminum seed beads because of their wonderful antique look.

You might be interested to know I tumble old metal seed beads for days in burnishing compound to clean them up before I use them. Experts have argued with me about these particular beads, saying they are steel beads, but a magnet test proves them wrong.

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