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Internally Carved Koi Necklace   This necklace includes:
* Quartz crystal with internal catfish carving
* Sterling catfish bail
* Quartz chips with polished holes
* Old white quartz beads
* Carved quartz beads
* Pearls
* Old satin glass
* Sterling beads, findings

Length:  32.5"-36.5" (83 cm - 93 cm)
Koi crystal:  2.25" (6 cm)
Weight:  8.6 oz (258 gm)

  Item #197        Lost In Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
I found this beautifully carved crystal years ago. (It's worth it to click on image to see a close-up of the fish! There is just one fish carved in it, the reflections make it look like more.) The artist's name was not on it. It was very difficult to know what to do with it. It is a natural crystal, mostly quite clear except for the rough bottom portion which sparkles with rainbow colors.

Problems included: I don't like to cover the point of a crystal, so a regular crystal bail was out. Also, it would have been terrible to cut off the rough iridescent bottom to fit it into a regular bezel.

One day while hiking in the mountains near a stream where catfish lurk, it dawned on me I could carve a tiny bail in the shape of a catfish which would encircle but not cover the tip. As long as I was at it, I carved a bezel to fit the irregular bottom. Avery McKinney cast the pieces in sterling.

The old white quartz beads, brilliant quartz chips, pearls, and sterling beads glow with amazing light. The necklace is gorgeous on jewel colors and black which make the fish jump out of his crystal.

I thought this fish was a catfish, but several people have written to tell me it is a Koi, so thank you all for correcting this mistake!

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