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Suede Lizard Bag


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Suede Lizard Bag   This bag includes:
*Lazy stitch lizard
  Item #18                       Lost in fire
Has it occurred to you that I like lizards? They are so wiggly and cute! The little fence lizards develop the most gorgeous curvy line when they run! This whiptail has always had a special place in my affection after I caught one in my high school classroom once. Mother Superior questioned me as I passed her office on the way to release the lizard outside, since I was supposed to be in class. I held out my hand to show it to her, never for a moment expecting her to scream and jump up on her desk. She startled me so I dropped the poor lizard, and had quite a time of it catching him in her office. He could get a much better grip on her carpet than on the slippery classroom floor, and having her screaming didn't help my nerves. I never meant to frighten the poor woman! Fortunately, all of us survived the ordeal. I'm sorry, but remembering it still cracks me up.

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