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Baculite Necklace


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Baculite Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Baculite (with unobtrusive repair)
*Borosilicate bead by Gail Crosman Moore
*Several types of pearls
*Picture rock, silverleaf agate
*Coal jade nuggets
*Amber, rudraksha prayer beads, mica
*Sterling bezel

Length:  27" (68.5 cm)
Baculite: 4 1/2" x 1 1/8" (12 cm x 3 cm)
Weight:  4.5 oz (135 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden
  Item #200                  Lost in Fire
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The Encyclopaedia Britannica says a baculite is a: "genus of extinct cephalopods (animals related to the modern squid, octopus, and nautilus) found as fossils in Late Cretaceous marine rocks (formed from 97.5 to 66.4 million years ago)...The distinctive shell begins with a tightly coiled portion that becomes straight in form, with a complex, ammonite sutural pattern."

This one has been sliced to reveal the gorgeous "ammonite sutural patterns" now replaced with little crystals and richly colored agate (?) material. These fossils are subject to breakage along the beautiful wavy horizontal lines, and this one, like most of this size, has unobtrusive repairs. I do not think they detract from its beauty or interest.

To make it durable enough for wear, I captured the baculite in a heavy sterling bezel, then cushioned the whole thing with beads. Then a little sea garden sprang up on it. One element is a chunk of mica that I brought home from a hike in the desert, captured in gourd stitch. A brick stitch flower-creature sits at the top, formed around one of the gorgeous big yellow pearls that dot the necklace, and some of its babies have grown around the mica.

The three-strand necklace contains a fascinating assortment of nuggets, pearls, seeds, and the handmade bead. The back of the necklace is wrapped with seed beads.

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